Feng Shui & Your Architectural Preferences – What Makes You Happy?

Nancilee Wydra - Feng Shui Master

Nancilee Wydra – Feng Shui Master

Feng Shui consultants from time-to-time have a few clients who may have preferences that are so deep seated that they are often only available via brainstorming the sub-conscious. Nancilee Wydra is presenting on the “archi-typing” technique that elicits pre-verbal memory of place and can be applied to the intake reading of a client. This tool is based on the groundbreaking application of neuroscience, and creation of the ArchiMap® process developed by Beverly Payeff Masey.

Cognitive Science is an important field of study that draws on data and information-gathering techniques from biology, psychology, linguistics, anthropology, philosophy and many other fields of science.

Because FSIA’s foundation is formulated around the validation of science this has become a very powerful tool. Now that behavior epigenetics has entered the playing field of our minds bodies and spirits, doing an ArchiMap assessment of your client gives the feng shui practitioner even more power to resolve issues centered around safety and acceptance or not of a space.


This session at our July 2016 conference will teach you how to assess a space for a client when she/he feels less safe and secure in it. New students to FSIA should be present for this workshop as it is definitely a hands-on approach that must be seen and experienced.

Nancilee will also be offering a special session during the Saturday, July 30th to archi-type five attendees of the conference. Registration for this session will be an extra charge of $100 and must be reserved prior to the conference.

Registered individuals will receive instructions of what types of pictures of personal space that will be needed for the consultation with Nancilee. Hope to see you there! Register at: www.feng-shui-institute-of-america.com/conference.

Feng Shui Animals

Did you know the ear is the orchestra conductor of the entire nervous system? The ear organizes sound and language; helps us translate the horizontal and vertical, choreographing the bodies dance of rhythm and movement. It keeps us vertical. Sound therapy such as music, drumming and other sounds also affect our posture.

Dr. Susan Wagner Veterinary Neurologist

Dr. Susan Wagner Veterinary Neurologist

At this year’s feng shui conference Veterinarian Neurologist, Susan Wagner will present on the Power of Music and other sounds to heal what ails you.

Her pioneering work acknowledges the spiritual interaction between people and animals. Dr. Wagner is an active public speaker in the areas of energy theory, healing and spirituality. She views the human-animal bond as a model for human-human interactions, and teaches us how to live life according to energetic principles.

Dr. Wagner co-authored Through A Dog’s Ear: Using Sound to Improve the Health and Behavior of Your Canine Companion, and was research director for the Through A Dog’s Ear CD series. She is a Healing Touch for Animals® practitioner, and is the founder of Equine Assisted Awareness, an energy based equine therapy for humans. Dr. Wagner has been seen on CBS Early Morning and The Today Show on NBC.

What is good for the four-legged species is good for the two legged ones as well. Music changes how we feel and can even directs our intentions to fulfillment. Register today for your $50 off early registration opportunity.

Feng Shui: The Architecture of Mind Body & Spirit 2016 Conference


Mark your calendars for FSIA’s Bi-Annual Conference

Friday and Saturday 9-5, July 29-30, 2016 in Columbus, Ohio.

Topics on the agenda:

  • New cutting edge assessment tools that help identify client road blocks to success
  • Series on how feng shui mimics the new sciences:  Behavioral-Epigenetics; Embodied Cognition and more
  • Introducing Feng Shui Institute of America’s Holistic Business System
  • For newbies just entering this field of healing, the foundational tenets of forms, structures and how the body, mind and spirit responds.
  • More to be added
  • Opportunities to reconnect with long-time friends in the field and to make new friends

Watch this blog for weekly updates and register soon as Early-Early Bird special lasts only three weeks.

Conference registration fee $299.  Early-Early Bird special good for $100 discount through May 30, 2016.   Use coupon code:  3AZOI6.


Feng Shui a Healing Science – The Architecture of Peace

Many of us in holistic fields of service, know that healing is a process that can only take place within ourselves.  This process can be triggered as well as supported by things and actions outside us.  Loud, unpleasant noises for example: constant interruptions of well meaning family or friends, buzzing of lawn equipment, cars and motor cycles going by and lots of others. On the other hand,  silence is by far the strongest of all healing modalities.  Before we can be silent inside, we must control the lack of silence outside.  In feng shui, we look for ways to create spaces of solitude for our clients.  We draw to the attention of our client how important  having a peace and tranquil area in the home in which to retreat, free from television, radio, phones, etc. can be very effective in changing one’s health over time.



“In all the God-given world around us, silence is perhaps the greatest.” Christopher Day.  Is there anywhere in our physical environment where there is not a mechanical sound, such as a refrigerator whirring, someone’s radio playing, a clock ticking, or other background noise?  I sit here right now listening to lawn machinery buzzing,  a spray can of paint hissing all in between my chimes ringing, birds singing and water from the koy pond bubbling.  How I would love to keep the water and the birds and  block out the other sounds!

Whether we notice or not, noise does affect us.  AT 65 dBA, (typical city noise level),  physiological affects begin to be felt both mentally and physically the longer we are exposed to this level.  Our body gets fatigued, our mental state of mind begins to slow in its processing.  Overtime, we get irritated and don’t know why.

So today, as we move into the wonderful summer months, those of us who live in the Midwest and northeastern seaboard, be cognizant of the constant mechanical noises by which we’re surrounded. We’ve had a long hard winter.  Snow deadens sound, except for the snow blowers.  If you find your self getting irritated on a nice sun shiny day, find silence and solitude and see how your day takes a turn.