Start your certification in Person-Place Connection today!

  • Are you a person who likes to guide others to succeed?

    Invest in yourself and start your own business learning the language of “Person-Place Connection.”

  • Do you like dabbling in home design and layout?

    Interpret people’s expressions, body language and more, matching all with the language of the physical space.

  • Is solving problems and creating dreams for others a trait you have?

    Determine what is missing in “place” that is affects resolution of life issues.

  • Then invest in a career in Scientific Feng Shui today!

    Apply this science to:
    > Teaching
    > Coaching
    > Healing
    > Staging Homes
    > Business operations and more.

Elements of the program include:

  • Business plan

  • Videos

  • Manuals

  • In-field exercises

  • Tool list

  • Podcasts

  • Meetings with a Master as needed

    I appreciated the design of the program, as it offered flexibility to work at my own pace and the mentor assigned to me was available as needed, to answer my questions. The mentorship offers an intimacy in learning which I was not expecting, yet was one of the most valuable parts of the program."

What you get

  • Three Manuals with worksheets

  • 6 E-books focusing on the senses

  • Live & recorded Zoom calls with Owner/Master or guest speaker

  • Access to a Master after graduation to answer questions on tough consults

  • Interior design E-Book on incorporating good design

  • One-on-One Coaching as needed with a school Master

  • Opportunity to work with a Master to walk through a client consultation

  • Selective advanced courses at no charge

  • ...I felt like my mentor had a genuine wish to educate good practitioners and not just make money. For what the school offered it seemed like I would get a lot of value for what I invested. I learned to communicate feng shui in a modern way that many people can relate to. I also developed good interviewing skills to uncover the true issue causing problems with my clients.”

Invest in a career in Scientific Feng Shui today!

Get your certification and stand out among your peers!

$3000 $2500

Start your certification in Person-Place Connection today and save $500
And when you graduate, you are included in the on-going group calls to continue your education!


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