Study the Science of Person Place Connection

Scientific feng shui links the way we design our spaces with the way we experience the world.

2016 Feng Shui Conference Conference Coming Soon! July 29-30, 2016 in Ohio. Stay Tuned for More Info.

Alumni Membership

FSIA Alumni Members are defined as anyone who has enrolled in our feng shui certification program course of study and completed the certification. See member benefits. If you fall under this definition and would like to take advantage of what this membership offers, click here to enrolll:

PLEASE NOTE: Your payment/charge will be processed by "Intentional Women Online, LLC", parent company of FSIA. Once processed, return to and click Member Sign in.

Holistic Practitioner Business System

If you are a holistic practitioner in any field, feng shui, reiki, massage, sound, touch therapy or other this program is set up to teach you how to:

1. Create an online digital marketing side of your business.

2. Educate and create your own online training programs.

3. Set up membership levels.

4. Guidance on setting up a web-based business - website/blog.

5. Creating podcasts and webinars along with guidance on suggested platforms to use to accomplish this.

3. Developing a value proposition and talking logo that connects with your clients desires and,

4. Setting you up with tools for success in marketing and attracting clients.

5. Develop digital products that sell to the general public.

Click here for more information: Holistic Biz System

Seek Balance Before Change

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Feng Shui Personal Development Coaching – Realize Spontaneous Success!

Not sure you want to invest in the full certification program but still want to learn the concepts to use in your own life?

Then FSIA's Feng Shui Personal Development Course may be for you. This program is for those who really want to study feng shui but neither have the time or funds to invest in a full certification but still want to learn the concepts and experience the benefits for themselves.

This is an intense three month course that will address your life path as you work each online module to build your own life consultation. After completion of your course and one-one coaching, an additional 3-months of follow-up by your coach occurs.

You will work with a Master to guide you through the tenets of feng shui, the science of how it works and how to apply it to your own life to experience spontaneous success!

Check out FSIA's FENG SHUI PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM to learn more. This program is sanctioned by the International Feng Shui Guild as a Bronze Level program

If you decide you would like to move to the full course, we will apply your investment towards the full course if you do so within 12 months of starting the program.

Feng Shui Conference July 29-30, 2016-Watch this area for updates on this event coming soon.

Interested in Certification or a Consultation?

Change your life direction or someone else's by becoming a feng shui consultant. Or, add the certification to your other business credentials.

Learn the science of why feng shui works. See how the newest behavioral science of epigenenetics describes how feng shui works. Become a student in the ancient practice of feng shui that finally has been validated through the research in behavioral epigenetics

We are the only school that teaches the science of why feng shui works.

Not interested in a certification? We have a feng shui personal development course just for you.

Holistic practitioner or feng shui certified from another school? (We are a Gold Member School of (IFSG). Enroll in our Holistic Practitioner Business System, a full year of one-on-one coaching on building revenue streams.

Become a change agent in the lives of your clients.
Call our office: 614-837-8370 or via email:

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Feng Shui Certification Recognitions

The Feng Shui Institute of America offers a contemporary science feng shui curriculum known
in the industry as Pyramid or Scientific Feng Shui. We are sanctioned by the International Feng Shui Guild as a Gold Level School. Our

FSIA's Personal Develop Course is Bronze School sanctioned, and our Business System Course has a Silver School designation with the International Feng Shui School.

Graduates from our course integrate our unique feng shui assessment tools into their existing business model or tap into one of our many business models to start their feng shui consulting and training business. Call FSIA at: 614-837-8370