Scientific Feng Shui


Scientific feng shui links the way we design our spaces with the way we experience our world.  All of our five senses are incorporated in the changes recommended for a client.  The five senses are the readers of our spaces and if we do not activate each one some way within these spaces, then we begin to lack the promises that each one of the senses offers in our journey in life.  They work together as a team.  If one team member is not present then the end result you seek begins to ravel away eventually.

For example:  You deny yourself the true experience of touch.  Look at your current environment and identify anything that when you connect via your eyes or skin, makes you imagine the beauty of that tactile experience.  If you do not see or have anything like that in your space then that tells me you do not nurture yourself.  This goes for both men and women.  Who doesn’t love a luxurious chenille robe wrapped around them?  Who doesn’t love soft plush pillows on a couch or chair that makes you want to cuddle?  I don’t think I know a soul that would say to me “I don’t.”  Denying yourself time for nurturing and placing things in your environment that talks to you in that way, well, it’s a short trip to burnout.  Each sense plays a role in the process of your personal growth and realizing your intentions.  I will talk about this in another blog entry soon.

The Feng Shui Institute of America incorporates the teachings of experiencing the five senses–sight, smell, touch, Hearing and taste within a home.  I read somewhere many years ago that falling in love with a house is like falling in love with a person.  The wiser seller sets up a seduction scene that appeals to all five senses.  Feng shui does the same.  When working with clients the first thing I do is assess how, if at all, each of the five senses is represented in the home.

If you want your guests to feel wonderful each time they visit your home, you will want to set up a seduction scene.  This falls under the science of psychology and human response.

Another science, neuroplasticity plays a strong role in why feng shui works.  It works with the brain changing the way we think and feel.  According to the EOC Institute, as the hemispheres of the brain learn to work in harmony, our logical left brain hemisphere and intuitive right brain hemisphere merge their abilities, super-charging our brain’s productive capacity. Scientists call this whole brain thinking.
Furthermore, EOC says we become more creative, our brains assimilate information much faster and we become more mentally alert thus propelling us towards our personal and professional life goals.  Scientific feng shui steps up to the plate and creates physical environments that address anything that feels off key where whole brain thinking must take place.  Then by adjusting the environment to support this whole brain thinking, we move our client into the activities that mimic the Law of Attraction. It is fascinating how much science is at play in feng shui adjustments.   If you would like to learn more about this either through personal coaching or become certified in this field, check out our coaching or a consultation page, or certification program for more information.  You can also contact the school and request an interview to answer questions about feng shui in general or any of our courses.

Dragonflies and Feng Shui

dragonfly-squareThe purpose of the dragon fly is to catch and eat mosquitoes.  They are aerial predators and very precise in calculating distance, speed and connecting with their victim.

According to Andrew Handley’s article on The 10 Surprisingly Brutal Facts about Dragonflies, the dynamics of capturing an object in mid-air are staggeringly complex, so much so that it’s usually something that’s only done by animals with complex nervous systems, like seagulls, or humans. To intercept something moving with its own velocity, you have to be able to predict where it will be in the future. When researchers began studying dragonflies in 1999, they found that rather than “track” their prey—follow it through the air until they caught up with it—they would actually intercept it. In other words, dragonflies ensure a kill by flying to where their prey is going to be.

What in the world does this have to do with feng shui?  Well, a good feng shui consultant’s goal is to intercept a client’s life while it is moving in the wrong direction related to his/her intentions.  If you are my client, after a meeting with you where my very unique and comprehensive questions are answered, I can identify what’s going on in your life and why you get stopped by road blocks in life.  Feng Shui consultants intercept and, instead of flying to you like a dragonfly would to their prey, they open pathways for you that provide a new and exciting direction for you to travel.

Handley says, “Dragonfly eyes are incredibly advanced.   They have 30,000 individual facets that blow other insects completely out of the water. Each facet, creates its own image, and the dragonfly brain has eight pairs of descending visual neurons to compile those thousands of images into one picture. It’s more like a human having 10,000 to 30,000 photoreceptors spread out across the retina.”

A scientific feng shui practitioner from the Feng Shui Institute of America has eyes that see many facets of a client’s physical environment that tells a story of “why” a client isn’t happy with where decisions have taken her. We compile the multiple images we gather via the answers given by the client along with pictures of the space and are then able to make a decision to correct the trajectory of a persons intentions.

And it gets even crazier; dragonflies have visual senses that would be considered superpowers by any human standards.  Many times while in the field I’ve been asked if I was psychic.  No, I’m not. I have developed all of my five my senses over past 20+ years enabling me to read an environment in keen detail.  In the FSIA certification course, students are taught to read spaces and the symbols and icons within them, as well as placement of these by clients.  It all tells a story about the person in the place.

What does your space say about you?

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Anticipating the Feng Shui Seats to Fill


We are at the starting line waiting for the whistle to go.  Have patience with us as we take care of some issues.  Just a note that our Free Content Library will be up and running soon.  As would be expected, technical problems in testing prevented us from sharing today.  Stay tuned and in the meantime send your friends to our site to become part of the launch.

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Free Feng Shui Webinars Coming Soon!


That’s right!  the Feng Shui Institute of America will soon be offering free public webinars for anyone who wants to learn how to apply this healing art to your life.  Learn how to use feng shui to translate your home or office into spaces that support your intentions.  Reach your goals and heal your ailments by creating spaces that support your growth and healing.

Soon FSIA will be moving to a new website platform that will offer access to podcasts, webinars and other educational materials on feng shui and how to use it in your life.  Pass this message on to others who you feel would love to learn this discipline.

Here is a sampling of upcoming free webinars:

  1. Feng Shui for Attracting Relationships
  2. Feng Shui for Career Advancement
  3. Feng Shui in the Garden – Creating Fertility Gardens – Power Gardens – Healing Gardens and more
  4. Connecting Feng Shui to Your Intentions
  5. Abundance and Feng Shui
  6. Applying Feng Shui to Social Events
  7. and many more

An email will be going out Novemer 1, 2016 to direct you to the free membership so you can access these programs.   Watch this site for more details in the coming days!

Feng Shui Symbols and Meanings

BenjaminHBenjamin Huntington, Interior Designer, ASID, stands out among his peers in feng shui as his knowledge of many approaches in the discipline make him a sought out practitioner in New York.  His presentation is a primer for new practitioners and for those in the general audience who want some really good ideas to take back home and apply, this will be a fun and informative session for all.

Find out for yourself, why, even though you set goals and may even apply a little feng shui, that you keep coming back to the same issue in life.  Our lives grow and change.  As a result, symbols in our spaces need to be changed as well to support the growing dreams and goals.

In this interactive workshop, Benjamin will show you how to identify personal icons and symbols that work for you.  He will share is trade secret of identifying three “primary drivers” which can have a powerful impact on how  you live your life.

There is still time to register.  Or Contact Us for more information about our courses.

Feng Shui Mind Body Connection

Sylvia Watson, Feng Shui Master- FSIA Faculty

Sylvia Watson, Feng Shui Master-
FSIA Faculty

The brain is not the main tool that dictates how we react to life. The body dictates a lot of the action steps we take in life by processing information through its cells and skin memories. Feng Shui shows us how. Each time a feng shui gathering occurs where education is the focus the Feng Shui Institute of America opens the door for new science-based discoveries to be presented by graduates of our course.

Sylvia is a practicing consultant and Feng Shui Master.  Her passion is the research and teaching end of the spectrum.  Sylvia will introduce a new way to look at feng shui from the consumer’s perspective.  Embodied Cognition is the science she speaks of.  It is about how human performance is dictated by various cognitive tasks such as reasoning or judgment as well as the our body’s interactions with the environment and our own assumptions about the world that are built into our body and the brain.

The idea that the mind is not only connected to the body but that the body influences the mind, is one of the more counter-intuitive ideas in cognitive science and its tenets speak loudly to the concepts that practicing feng shui professionals know well.

According to an article in Psychology Today,  the brain, while important, is not the only resource we have available to us to generate behavior. Instead, the form of our behavior emerges from the real-time interaction between a nervous system in a body with particular capabilities and an environment that offers opportunities for behavior and information about those opportunities.

Sylvia will decipher this science for attendees and provide a case scenario so that practitioners can see how it is applied in the field.

If you have not registered for our July 29-30, 2016 Feng Shui Conference click now for your ticket.

Bringing the Psychologist’s Couch to Feng Shui

Katherine Morris, Psychologist

Katherine Morris, Psychologist

Many times as a feng shui consultant when assessing a client’s desires the client doesn’t always know how to express themselves.  Ditto when they are less inclined to say what bothers them at all and the practitioner may be stumped as to where to start.  Dr. Katherine Morris can help a practitioner uncover the real issue at hand by applying a specific tool developed by her to make it easier for a client to identify where the root of the problem lies.

Dr. Morris chose Feng Shui and Psychiatrists’ Offices for her Ph.D thesis.   Lucky for us she did.  A graduate of the Feng Shui Institute of America and practicing Feng Shui Psychologist, Katherine has developed some powerful assessment tools for practitioners to use in the field

Assisting her professional clients to make astute changes to their spaces, even slight changes, created an opening for something new to come in to their consciousness and something else fall out of it.  The assessment tool developed by Dr. Morris is the end result of her research.

In this workshop, you will learn how to apply a new feng shui assessment tool that will enable you to accurately assess the underlying issues your client isn’t revealing and effectively understand and help your client follow your recommendations.  This is where the real success happens. Learn to listen like a psychologist to a space. Discover how to look at what is said not just hear what is said, like a psychologist-feng shui practitioner would.

Assessment tools to be introduced in this session include using drawings from the client as well as identifying and recommending colors that elicit deeper positive responses based on a practitioner’s assessment of the client.

Another “not-to-be-missed” session.  Registration spots still open.

Architect of Mind Body Spirit Conference Registration-Feng Shui Institute of America.

For all your feng shui education, business training, tips, search this site to learn about s tarting your new career.

Dynamic Passive Income Streams for You

Connie Spruill Feng Shui Master

Connie Spruill Feng Shui Master

Not to be missed session at the Feng Shui Institute of America’s conference July 29-30-2016, if you are planning to build a successful business in feng shui or other holistic field.  Connie will share a “ready-for-launch” template from her Holistic Business System that, if followed, will produce passive income over and above your consultation income. Only participants at the event will receive a frame work template at no extra cost for the business coaching program offered through the school.

This is a session offering a special discount for holistic practitioner’s whether you attend the whole conference or not.  Contact the school via the Contact Form on this site to request a special coupon to get your ticket for this session that will be presented at 1:00 PM July 29, 2016 at the All Life Center at 123 Hyatts Road, Delaware, Ohio – four miles north of Polaris Parkway in Orange Township.

This seminar shows you how to produce more income from your business practice and spend less time on the details of managing all the technical elements.  Connie’s template provides step-by-step instructions on what to do first, second, third and so on.  Steps on easily creating different products, educational podcasts, learning modules, continuing education for your industry and more will be shared.  Connie teaches you how to create quality offers for your current and prospective clients that will build your reputation as an expert in your field.   It’s just push-button simple to get things started.

Connie is a certified business counselor and has coached thousands of individuals around the globe to start and run successful businesses in hundreds of industries.  Her specialty is in the holistic industry where healing, non-tangibles are not always the easiest service to sell.  Contact Feng Shui Institute of America through the Contact Form on this site and request the special discount for that session.  You do not need to register for the whole conference if this is where your interest lies.


Don’t be left behind.  The sooner you invest in your business ideas, the sooner you produce a constant flow of income!

Feng Shui & Your Architectural Preferences – What Makes You Happy?

Nancilee Wydra - Feng Shui Master

Nancilee Wydra – Feng Shui Master

Feng Shui consultants from time-to-time have a few clients who may have preferences that are so deep seated that they are often only available via brainstorming the sub-conscious. Nancilee Wydra is presenting on the “archi-typing” technique that elicits pre-verbal memory of place and can be applied to the intake reading of a client. This tool is based on the groundbreaking application of neuroscience, and creation of the ArchiMap® process developed by Beverly Payeff Masey.

Cognitive Science is an important field of study that draws on data and information-gathering techniques from biology, psychology, linguistics, anthropology, philosophy and many other fields of science.

Because FSIA’s foundation is formulated around the validation of science this has become a very powerful tool. Now that behavior epigenetics has entered the playing field of our minds bodies and spirits, doing an ArchiMap assessment of your client gives the feng shui practitioner even more power to resolve issues centered around safety and acceptance or not of a space.


This session at our July 2016 conference will teach you how to assess a space for a client when she/he feels less safe and secure in it. New students to FSIA should be present for this workshop as it is definitely a hands-on approach that must be seen and experienced.

Nancilee will also be offering a special session during the Saturday, July 30th to archi-type five attendees of the conference. Registration for this session will be an extra charge of $100 and must be reserved prior to the conference.

Registered individuals will receive instructions of what types of pictures of personal space that will be needed for the consultation with Nancilee. Hope to see you there! Register at:

Feng Shui Animals

Did you know the ear is the orchestra conductor of the entire nervous system? The ear organizes sound and language; helps us translate the horizontal and vertical, choreographing the bodies dance of rhythm and movement. It keeps us vertical. Sound therapy such as music, drumming and other sounds also affect our posture.

Dr. Susan Wagner Veterinary Neurologist

Dr. Susan Wagner Veterinary Neurologist

At this year’s feng shui conference Veterinarian Neurologist, Susan Wagner will present on the Power of Music and other sounds to heal what ails you.

Her pioneering work acknowledges the spiritual interaction between people and animals. Dr. Wagner is an active public speaker in the areas of energy theory, healing and spirituality. She views the human-animal bond as a model for human-human interactions, and teaches us how to live life according to energetic principles.

Dr. Wagner co-authored Through A Dog’s Ear: Using Sound to Improve the Health and Behavior of Your Canine Companion, and was research director for the Through A Dog’s Ear CD series. She is a Healing Touch for Animals® practitioner, and is the founder of Equine Assisted Awareness, an energy based equine therapy for humans. Dr. Wagner has been seen on CBS Early Morning and The Today Show on NBC.

What is good for the four-legged species is good for the two legged ones as well. Music changes how we feel and can even directs our intentions to fulfillment. Register today for your $50 off early registration opportunity.