Become a Professional Feng Shui Consultant

Feng Shui Institute of America program teaches and certifies students of feng shui to incorporate disciplines of various social, earth, physics, bilology and brain sciences to understand the theory of why feng shui works.

Examples of areas we explore  quantum physics; psychology; molecular cell biology; green space; landscaping; color and human response; ergonomic approaches in furniture placement; enhancing quality of life issues for aging in place; incorporating brain science research in the understanding of a person’s response to space and how they process it. (We do not teach actual science courses however.)

We show you how to apply your understanding of these sciences to your practice.  These topics are new chapters in our curriculum. If you are looking for a unique home based business or to add a new profit center to your current design or consulting business, feng shui certification may be the answer.

Becoming certified in the field of feng shui can bring you new customers as well as change the way you do business, not to mention learning how to look at your own spaces with new eyes.  Get results for your clients get immediately.Help them experience “Spontaneous Success!”

You can also enroll in our Practioner’s Business System program that helps you expand your practice, start a new business or grow an online feng shui coaching and training business.  This course is offered to any holistic practitioner in any field.

  • Guidance on setting up a web-based business - website/blog
  • Creating podcasts and guide on suggested platform
  • Develop a value proposition that connects with your client
  • Set you up with tools for success in marketing and attracting

Benefits – Certification

  • Learn new ways to read people by assessing them in their space
  • Add a new profit center to your already existing business
  • Great home based business – feng shui your family – friends – business clients
  • Free access to quarterly tele-seminar with Feng Shui Masters
  • Discounted registration fees for Feng Shui Institute of America conferences & seminars
  • Experience a wonderful new approach to feng shui classes in personal development
  • Set up your own feng shui coaching business
  • Change people’s lives applying all your feng shui knowledge and tips

Certification Classes

The Feng Shui Institute of America’s Professional Certification Course offers a fully  holistic approach of teaching, integrating social, physics, molecular and earth sciences, while addressing the challenges a practitioner may experience in the context of a rapidly changing multicultural world. The program is presented in three levels. Because of today’s technology, we are able to demonstrate assessment tools via numerous online tools, Skype calls and video-taped webinars so onsite training is not required. 

Level One:

I. Introduction and foundational materials regarding ancient feng shui practices; a discussion of the various schools of thought in the feng shui discipline; pyramid philosophy of feng shui, which is practiced by Feng Shui Institute of America graduates will be covered in detail and the premise on which pyramid is based. Form School, Compass School, BTB School and Pyramid School history will be covered.

II.  Feng Shui Tenets –Theory of  Tao, Yin/Yang, Chi, and the 5 Elements:  Creative Cycle, Reduction Cycle, Dominant Cycle; connecting them with various personality and temperament traits.  Exercises on applying these theories to analyze the person in the space. These theories and how to apply them to a consultation will be the introduction to assessing one’s client from ancient practices.  Tools such as the BaGua, I-Ching, etc. will also be discussed for their ancient validity in practice.

III. Bringing Feng Shui into Modern Times How the science of why feng shui works and documented research that backs it up continues in this level.    Exercise worksheets; field assignments;   Practical application of skills will be part of the class participation. Web-based and tele-seminars discussions and teaching are recorded for access by you throughout your course to review as you need to.  Interactive lectures are available to all active students.

Level Two:

I. Advanced applications of all assessment tools, (both ancient and modern), will be covered in interactive exercises throughout this level.

This level in your studies is all about application.  We put you in the field sooner rather than later to learn  the assessment tools required to read space and the person in that space. Application of all the theories in Level I will be applied to case studies.

Here you learn about the Science of Person-Place Connection. You are introduced to the application of Pyramid feng shui assessment tools and how they can be interchanged with ancient assessment tools to identify breakdowns in the clients space and how the breakdown mirrors your client’s life.

You will be required to bring cases to the table to use as scenarios for case work for your study group, and later be able to present the results to your client.  All this is done under the watchful eye of a school Master.  It is our philosophy that a student needs much practice while under the mentoring phase of a Master.  By the time you have completed the course, the fear of practicing has been eliminated.

  1. Behavioral Epigenetics’ role in assessing symbolism in spaces -Advanced concepts in this area is cemented at this level.
  2. Five element space evaluation – Color and shape psychology
  3. Five element personality testing
  4. Holon Assessment of person in the place – Identifying space and personal holons
  5. Archi-typing –  Architectural preferences of a client
  6. Sensorial – Integrating our experiences of the world with that of ourselves: Examining the molecular level of processing our experiences and memories
  7. Symbology and hierarchy of placement in spaces
  8. Healthy green spaces

II.  Psychology and Power of Words and Intentions – The Art of Asking Questions and Evaluating Answers

  1. Dissecting the questionnaire -analyzing the client’s responses
  2. Tools of conducting a professional consultation
  3. Protocol for conducting a professional consultations
  4. Writing and formatting a feng shui consultation

III.  Sacred Geometry A discussion and examples of the role sacred geometry plays in feng shui.   How to read and/or apply sacred geometry to spaces.  Determining the Golden Mean of a Space.  Most Auspicious Shapes in Nature.

Level Three:

I.  Feng Shui Applications for health, design, business, garden, location of structures, etc.; Feng Shui analysis and Problem Solving; Continuation of Consultation Preparation.  More skill development with assessment tools both ancient and modern.  This level will consist of case scenarios and problem solving exercises and very interactive.

II. Templates for feng shui business models that will include: How to set up your business in the field; (this is to be confused with our Holistic Business System); where to start in branding yourself as an expert;  how to write continuing education courses in fields such as real estate, teaching, counseling, interior design and much more.  Templates include: Internet Marketing; A trainer approach; A consultation business only approach; a researcher and book writer; A full service approach; Integrating into an existing business theme and others.  A business plan template along with access to recordings and interactive web videos will be accessible by students through web links.

III.  Review of all concepts

IV.  Testing, grading of consultations submitted to mentor.

Other feng shui program elements:

  • There are no refunds given once you have enrolled and received the intellectual property, i.e. links to manuals, lectures and any down loadable materials.
  • Personal Mentor – You will be assigned a feng shui Master from the school as your personal mentor for the program.
  • Inter-active curriculum – The course is accessed through our distance learning approach and includes tele-seminars; webinars all of which are  taught by a Master of the school or senior faculty member.
  • Our interactive curriculum includes three down loadable manuals along with additional links to interactive visuals that help you interpret your lessons; reading lists for each level; and reasonable access to a master or faculty member when questions need answered.  It is our goal to offer our students a well rounded learning experience through our feng shui classes..

In addition you will receive:

  • In-the-field assignments
  • Copies of all assessment tools for use in your practice
  • Participation on scheduled student calls or follow-up listening of calls
  • Final test  and coaching on two consultations
  • Business Start-up Guide
  • Sample consultation & guidelines to conduct your own consult
  • Free access to quarterly tele-seminar with Masters of FSIA
  • Discounted registration fees for FSIA conferences & seminars

Requirements for graduation and certification:

  • Completion of comprehensive exam
  • Completion of and accepted as accurate, two consultations without the help of a Master
  • Tuition paid in full

Note: Students are 100% responsible for expenses for travel and over night accommodations should they be necessary when visiting the school for advanced training.  FSIA is not responsible for cancellation charges brought on by hotel or air lines due to cancellations on the student’s or provider’s part.

We are sanctioned as an International Feng Shui Guild Gold School.