• Discover How to Interpret the Language of Home

    Optimize living spaces that change lives.

  • Learn the Science of Why Feng Shui Works

    Become the expert in making the Law of Attraction work with feng shui.

  • Acquire the Skill of Reading People's Facial and Body Expressions

    Observe how these expressions are mirrored in their personal spaces.

  • Start your own consulting/coaching business with a feng shui certification.

    Become a master problem solver for your clients.

  • Online Course 8-12 Months to Complete

    Work at your own pace and learning style.

  • Work with Your Personally Assigned Mentor

    Have access to help when you need it via phone or live video conference.

  • Course Includes PodCasts - Live Stream Demos-Video-Webinars and More

    Learn critical steps via recordings of live demos of client consultations.

  • Participate in Group Assignments as a Team

    Learn from other students as they too ask questions in group streaming classes.

Start Your Own Business Helping Others Heal By Healing Their Homes!

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  • Kimberly Garner- Designer
    I appreciated the design of the program, as it offered flexibility to work at my own pace and the mentor assigned to me was available as needed, to answer my questions. The mentorship offers an intimacy in learning which I was not expecting, yet was one of the most valuable parts of the program."
    Kimberly Garner- Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some concerns?  Maybe the answers below will clear them up.

Will I receive help in starting my practice?

Yes.  We guide you on branding yourself, setting up an online blog or business to help you attract clients.  

What if I panic when I start doing consultations and am uncertain of my recommendations?

Not to worry.  We don't cut the apron strings right away after you complete the course.  You have access to your mentor while you are starting out to review your consults before you deliver to the client.   We are here to support you.

  • "...I felt like my mentor had a genuine wish to educate good practitioners and not just make money. For what the school offered it seemed like I would get a lot of value for what I invested. I learned to communicate feng shui in a modern way that many people can relate to. I also developed good interviewing skills to uncover the true issue causing problems with my clients.
    Josefine Adde Dahl of Sweden

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