Meet the Masters

Nancilee Wydra, Feng Shui Master,  Founder of the Feng Shui Institute of America

Credited with translating the age-old Chinese discipline into a scientifically verifiable contemporary Western practice.

Nancilee, now retired from FSIA  took the “the East meets West” concept of person-place, and raised the bar of feng shui recommendations to another level i.e. the scientific explanation of why feng shui works.  Constantly researching and scouring scientific journals for information that validated this ancient discipline, she added new and cutting edge content to the school’s curriculum. Student’s constantly have had new material to incorporate into their practice.

Nancilee Wydra, FSIA Founder

She continues to provide new materials for graduates of FSIA  as she enjoys her many travels around the globe.  Ms. Wydra   is the most published American feng shui author with 8 books published on the field of feng shui applications and theory, and has written for a myriad of print publications including Cosmopolitan, Better Homes and Gardens and Natural Health.

She has consulted for fortune 500 companies including Coty, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Fort James Corporation and Taskasago’s fine fragrance division and lectured at such diverse professional conferences as health care, real estate, advertising and architecture.

Ms. Wydra holds degrees in both Psychiatric Social Work at New York University and Interior Design degree from the New York School of Interior Design with additional study in City Planning at Rutgers University. Nancilee has a long history in the feng shui discipline teaching feng shui from 1974 to 2013.


Connie Spruill, Feng Shui Master, Red Ribbon Professional-    614-325-5452  – Serving Columbus, Ohio and all Ohio Counties – consultations

Internationally – students accepted from around the globe for the online-course of certification.

Feng Shui Master

Certified 1996 Master 2009

Connie is the new owner of the Feng Shui Institute of America, effective late 2013.  Since 2004, she has served as the school’s Director and orchestrated the transition of the schools move to online training; guided the revamping of its curriculum and  incorporating more advanced training for continuing education of graduates from the school.

She is an award winning micro-enterprise consultant, helping thousands of individuals over 30 years start new businesses and expand existing ones.  She is the author of the series of e-books called What Makes You Come Alive, a collection of  inspirational guidelines for re-inventing yourself.  She is also co-author of Feng Shui with What You Have.

Connie received her Feng Shui Master’s status with the school in 2009 based on her research titled: Our Physical Environment Impact on Chronic Illness and Pain.  Connie’s research focused on  the environment of the home  and triggers that set off minor illnesses and chronic pain.  As a result, ergonomic recommendations have been incorporated into the FSIA curriculum.

Connie holds an MA in Workforce Education and Lifelong Learning from The Ohio State University and a BA in International Business from Ohio Dominican University and technical certifications in interactive media and internet marketing.

She has designed and implemented the first full course on business systems for holistic practitioner’s.  Connie’s background in business development, management and growth stems back 30+ years as a business analyst and consultant for startups.  Visit her business blog.  The school now offers this course with a full year curriculum and one-on-one coaching.  Individuals from other feng shui schools are encouraged to enroll in this dynamic course that teaches you how to create profit centers for your practice.

Her feng shui practice focuses on businesses, education and personal development.  Connie is available for private consultations both business and residential as well as for feng shui personal development coaching.



Phone:  614-325-5452


Sylvia Watson, Feng Shui Master – Red Ribbon Professional

Research focus on feng shui and aging in place


Jodi Price,OD, Feng Shui Master – Red Ribbon Professional

Research focus on adjusting environments for individuals with eye disease such as macular degeration, cataracts, glaucoma.

Marsha Linquist, Feng Shui Master – Red Ribbon Professional

Gabriel VanZon, Feng Shui Master

Research focus on symbologie and placement of our stuff.

Benjamin Huntington, Feng Shui Master