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FSIA Alumni Members are defined as anyone who has enrolled in our feng shui certification program course of study and completed the certification. If you fall under this definition and would like to take advantage of what this membership offers, click here to enroll:

Benefits of a Feng Shui Certified Alumni member include:

1. Access to previously recorded classes given by Nancilee Wydra and other Masters from the school.

2. You are also eligible for discounts on annual events as we get back into the swing learning from each other.

3. Can share on our blog and respond to comments of others once you are approved.

4. All members will be listed in the Alumni Directory so your clients can validate your credentials.  This listing will also link back to your website.

5. You will be added to the referral list when we receive calls and emails from the general public to receive notification when someone is seeking a consultant in your area.

6.  Receive discounts on new products as they are developed.

7. Opportunity to teach a course via online or tele-conference. You must be qualified by the committee of Masters to have this privilege.  Contact school for more info here.

8. Monthly newsletter to your email with new scientific information for your examination, exploration and addition to your practice.

9. Receive referral fee for any new students who enroll in the certification course that you refer to the school.  We can provide an affiliate link to your site for this benefit.  Contact the school for further info.

10. Have an option quarterly to submit an article to our newsletter at no charge that goes out to the general public as well as Alumni and Associate members.  Your contact info will be included in your article.

11. Watch this page for more benefits as they are developed.  Tell us what you want by emailing us at: