Feng Shui Institute of America was founded by Nancilee Wydra, Feng Shui Master, in the early 90’s. Her vision of bringing an inclusive approach with scientific explanations and applications of feng shui by feng shui consultants to Westerners, has helped expand the acceptance of feng shui tenets ten fold.

Growing the Pyramid school of feng shui certification program into a respected social science direction has become a reality. Feng Shui Institute of America’s  curriculum is solely focused on certification and continuing education in the study of science of person/place–- the science of how the physical environment influences how we act, react and interact has become reality. As a result, feng shui has become the tool consultants use to change lives.

Understanding how the brain works in processing space is part of our teaching.   Doctors call this neuro-science. Nancilee also added to the curriculum information on neuro-biology, or,  how clients experience the space once they process it.


Our mission is to research, educate and substantiate the science of person place, which is called feng shui, teaching to all who seek to learn.


To get our message out to those in the world who need it and who will multiply its benefits through application.

Nancilee retired in 2012.  She no longer mentors but continues to write advanced curriculum.  Connie Spruill, Feng Shui Master, is now the new owner.