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Free Feng Shui Webinars Coming Soon!


That’s right!  the Feng Shui Institute of America will soon be offering free public webinars for anyone who wants to learn how to apply this healing art to your life.  Learn how to use feng shui to translate your home or office into spaces that support your intentions.  Reach your goals and heal your ailments by creating spaces that support your growth and healing.

Soon FSIA will be moving to a new website platform that will offer access to podcasts, webinars and other educational materials on feng shui and how to use it in your life.  Pass this message on to others who you feel would love to learn this discipline.

Here is a sampling of upcoming free webinars:

  1. Feng Shui for Attracting Relationships
  2. Feng Shui for Career Advancement
  3. Feng Shui in the Garden – Creating Fertility Gardens – Power Gardens – Healing Gardens and more
  4. Connecting Feng Shui to Your Intentions
  5. Abundance and Feng Shui
  6. Applying Feng Shui to Social Events
  7. and many more

An email will be going out Novemer 1, 2016 to direct you to the free membership so you can access these programs.   Watch this site for more details in the coming days!