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Achieving Feng Shui Success Activating Your Intentions

I promised you that I would focus my next blog entry on using your intentions and give you some feng shui tips to move forward in transforming your life.   Personal feng shui changes take place when your intention is activated.  A practitioner in the field of feng shui, if trained properly, will know  how to guide you in developing intentions and using symbols that have meaning to youas well as placing them appropriately in your environment.   Be careful what you state in your intentions for inevitably, it will come to pass.

The mind is a powerful tool.  Napoleon Hill stated long ago…”whatever the mind conceives and believes, inevitably comes to pass”.

My feng shui tips for you here are short and sweet:

1.   Be clear and concise when stating each intention.

2.   Intentions should be stated in the present moment, i.e. “I am attracting multiple streams of income into my life” or, “I am worthy of abundance and love” or, “my perfect someone is already waiting for me.”

3.  Connect these intentions to a symbol that represents the theme of your desire.

Rather than me continue to write about how you get action on your intentions in this blog, why don’t I give you a name of a book where, after I read read it,  I learned to let go of “setting goals” and instead, applied my new found knowledge on how to propel my intentions to succeed in life.  There is so much compelling evidence on achieving success through focused attention on one’s intentions based on author Lynn McTaggart’s, book, The Intention Experiment that I can’t imagine someone not applying the concepts to their life.  McTaggart  writes about discoveries on the very best techniques for achieving success when focusing attention on your own intentions.

In the book, McTaggart writes about her research on healing and how intentions play a strong role in aperson’s ability to come through a horrific illness.  She interviews many people from nurses in the O. R., to monks in

Tibet who would sit for days in total silence and  in the dead of winter on a mountain top and never feel the cold, to distance healing through prayer.

The book was published in 2007 and at the time she invited her readers to also participate in the world-wide experiment on intentions.  I did and was amazed at the progress I made in my own life and how that affected those around me.  I now apply these concepts to all my consultations, teachings and feng shui tips for my clients.  Success is wonderful.

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Feng Shui Success Tips for Using the Bagua


Today I want to talk to you about the meaning of each column in the bagua grid.  The right side of the grid I like to call the fun side because it is all about relationships that move you forward.  It’s about people, your network and your higher power.  Eighty-five percent of the world’s population is right handed.  For this reason when we enter a doorway we automatically gravitate to the right, even if there is a wall blocking us, our mind wants to go that direction.  If we have to turn to the left, our psyche fills friction, even if we don’t acknowledge this, our subconscious does.  Advertisers and retail establishments have known this for many years.  That is why we are bombarded with kiosks of special discounted deals on the right as we enter.  (More on this in another segment).

Let me tell you a story.  Not too many years ago, my husband and I received a notice from the IRS that we owed a $1000 on the previous year’s taxes.  Apparently we had made a mistake in our arithmetic and now they wanted their money.  It was during the holidays and money was tight.

Of course we weren’t prepared to pay it right then.  I set it aside and later in the week commenced to clearing out the space I designated as my Helpful People/Compassion area.  While doing so the intention to find a way to come up with the money to pay the tax bill was on my mind.  It took me all day to clear out holiday decorations, clean the floors, relieve the furniture of the accumulated cat hair, clean the windows while all the time asking for guidance in how to handle this situation.  That room was so clean when I was finished that it looked like a model home.  My next move was to light a votive candle that sits inside of a little plastic lighthouse.  It’s only 3″ tall, but to me it represent away for people to find me when I need help.  I keep it in the room for the purpose of giving attention to my intention of resolving problems or concerns in my life.   After stating my intention, I blew the candle out then went about my business and never gave the intention any more thought that day.

Later in the week I called the IRS to see what I could do to delay the payment and I was told that our account showed a credit due to a misapplied payment that someone else had sent in for their own tax bill.  They would have to clear it up first before they could do anything about arranging a payment.  The tax person told us that we got a reprieve.  Imagine that! Now I had time to gather my resources together and send the money later.

So the moral of the story…state your intention, bring in your higher power, connect it to an action with a symbol that has meaning to you and then let it go out to the universe.  It’s not magic.  It’s quantum physics.  (My symbol in my mind guides others to my light).  So this assignment for effecting change in your life is to identify symbols that have special meaning to you and connect them to the areas in your bagua grid when an intention is sent out to universe.

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Feng Shui Tips for Using a Feng Shui BaGua

BaguaI’ve spent most of my adult life helping others get where they want to go in their careers.  I’ve used many tools as a career coach to help my clients organize their thoughts in away that would help them maintain a steady course on their way to re-inventing themselves.  No tool has ever worked as well as the BaGua.  I sometimes call it the Nine Stations of Life.  Not until I received my feng shui certification did I realize how important this tool is for feng shui in the home.

1.   How does it work?  This is a grid that, when holding it, should be positioned so the bottom three blocks face your body.  It is meant to give an implied meaning to space.  It is very powerful when used in conjunction with intentions.  So let’s get started on how to use this tool.  Once you learn how to use it, as long as you give your intentions…attention, you will attract to you whatever you hold in your own mind.  Always be positive when focusing on your intentions.

2.  How do you use it to get results?  Your first lesson is to designate the entry you use most for your home and for each room.  (Many rooms in homes and apartments have more than one entryway).  Make sure that in your mind you have given your intention to this entry as being the main entry for that room, house or apartment. 

3.  Once this is determined, position the bagua grid as instructed above and designate areas in accordance to the layout of the grid.  For example: a gathering room layout would be divided into nine stations where the right hand corner you intend that all symbols and affirmations related to that space will focus on relationships.  Continue through the space the same way. 

I like to do a whole house feng shui bagua as well as each room.  Many homes are not a perfect square or rectangular shape causing some corners to be missing.  That is why I use this in each room.  My intentions of what I designate make it work.  So try it today.

Tomorrow I will take you to the next step on how to transform your life by just using your mind.

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Feng Shui for the New Year

Feng Shui Crystal Ball

New Year Resolutions

I hate New Year resolutions!   Not because I never succeed as I do much of the time.  I hate them because they are made when we are at our most vulnerable time in the new year.  We reflect on last year’s successes and non-successes then we beat ourselves up because we faltered on some of them forgetting about the ones that actually succeeded.

Why do we do this?  Human nature.  It’s easier to give up than to take on the challenge of changing and then we fall back into the same old routine.   So the coming month’s blog entries are going to cover how to succeed without really trying using feng shui remedies that work for you.  Please don’t hesitate to send me your 2014 resolutions and let me help you make them stick.