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Feng Shui Practitioners-Revisiting Your Own Spaces February 23, 2012

As a feng shui professional, are you taking care of the symbology in your own space?  Nancilee is re-visiting some universal applications that you should be paying attention to.  Last month Nancilee introduced you to the Pyramid Feng Shui 6th element – atmosphere.   This month she is going to touch on the atmosphere in your own spaces, focusing on where your eye travels and, oh my…what you hold most dear in your own life.  Or, in some cases what you don’t hold dear but have placed in prominent positions in your room and thus having them reflect what you don’t want.

Weimeriener dog

Family Dog Gets Honored Seat

Do you analyze the use of color, aroma and sound and just how it plays a role in your environment?  Sometimes as feng shui consultants we get caught up in doing for others and forget about ourselves.

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