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Romancing Your Space With Feng Shui for Valentine’s Day

The spaces in our home become places of purpose when they are experienced multi-sensorially. When romance is the activity of the moment then a little more finesse in setting the stage can make for a wonderful experience. Applying the five elements of feng shui to your space can invite some delicious experiences.


Water-element atmosphere brings in the best of yin and yang where romance is concerned. Creating a water-element mood can bring about deep emotions…calm and collected while sometimes exploding in unexpected passion.

For romance, think thunderstorm: splashing against a window, or pouring down on a roof. Then re-discover the stillness in the air after the storm, enhanced by the music of raindrops falling on a puddle or into a metal container.

Incorporate these sounds into your environment through recorded media. Bring in the rainstorm aroma via an air cleaner while windows are open so that stale air can escape and fresh air can enter. This creates a fresh mountain air aroma and relaxes the psyche.


Metal-element atmosphere begs for a gift of a poem inviting your special someone to focus and catch up with you. A written intimate sonnet of love and wonderment invites your loved one to pause and savor the moment, and then preserve it in time to live in, to return to again and again.

Write it in calligraphy form on parchment or cloth. Frame it or place between a textured bound cover to incorporate tactile memories. Or, record the sonnet in your own voice to include as a gift. Let the words from your sonnet waltz through your lover’s ears for years to come.

Bring in the color of gray or silver. These colors in most spaces spell out isolation, however, mixing with rosy red candles or table cloth for this moment in time, promotes a singular intimate moment set to ignite passion.


Fire-element atmosphere begs for motion. Dance is the vitality, the chi of romance in motion. The gestures of routine life come to a stop when you experience the motion of dance. Motion is intensified, purified and transfigured.

Incorporate dance in your romantic quest. Thank of the tango…how sensual the movements of the two dancers are; how intimate the touch, how fiery the on-again off-again twists and turns. Bring fire into your space with sexy Latin music, a red table cloth, and flickering candles against a diamond beveled mirror and watch how the passion dances across the room.


A wood-element atmosphere is the element that fully engages the mental dimensions of dream, imagination and desire.

The sky is the limit with wood element space. Wood is crazy while addressing all the senses simultaneously. Wood-element spaces promote experiential and frolicky play time.

Have an affair with nature. Move outdoors and run through the forest. Make love on the soft mossy banks of a creek. Eat grapes one at a time and drink the wine of lovers. Experience the sounds of nature, the rustling of the leaves, the birds singing, the water flowing. Become two with nature.


Earth-element atmosphere promotes nurturing of each other. The element of trust and staying grounded in the relationship takes priority.

An evening of romance begins with a dinner of comfort food and wine; then a cozy fire to nurture you both. Next, nurturing massages, then a textured throw to cuddle beneath, satisfying the tactility of connection to each other.

Bring gravity into the space to iterate security in the relationship. Do this by leading the eye to the center. Place a favorite photo of you and your special someone center stage with a bottle of your favorite wine and flowers.

In a winter climate, create a fire pit outside to sit around. In a warm climate seek out a stone garden trellis to sit beneath exchanging chocolate covered cherries and stealing a few kisses.

Connie Spruill, Feng Shui Master