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Become a feng shui professional!

It’s funny how some people categorize feng shui as “woo woo.” The words feng shui actually, when translated to English, mean “wind water.” In the Chinese culture, people would always take into consideration the direction of the wind and where water flowed when positioning homes and other buildings in which they conducted business.

Over six thousand years of population growth, the scientific concept of protecting one’s dwelling or place of business from inclement weather, morphed into different interpretations. Over time, and as the earth’s population expanded, symbols from each culture were incorporated into their own approach to feng shui. Sometimes those symbols were religious, many times the symbols were pulled from astrological and compass readings.

When feng shui made its way to America, the Western culture, because of our own societal programming, we saw these foreign symbols and astrological approaches as occult. When in fact, they were just symbols of the culture from which feng shui originated.

If America created feng shui first, I feel sure that the Eastern culture would see the concept as taboo for them. It’s all in the interpretation.

Pyramid or scientific feng shui, takes us back to the beginning where human kind actually focused on protecting one’s dwelling but also adds a contemporary approach that includes self growth. When Winston Churchill stated that…”We shape our buildings and afterwards, our buildings shape us,” he wasn’t kidding.

Don’t we surround ourselves with symbology that makes us feel good about ourselves, for instance, our trophies, awards and accolades? Don’t we move into dwellings that after we have lived their for awhile, discover we must do landscaping to prevent the wind from blowing our homes away or rivers and streams from flooding our homes?

Do you ever analyze why you might choose one picture over another to hang on your wall? Maybe it’s just because you like the colors, or possibly it talks to you in away that other symbols in your life do not. There is a reason for the subconcious choices you make. Feng shui evaluations can determine why. It is a science, a science of how people and spaces communicate with one another.

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